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Dear Dog Handler Behind Me Hoodie

Dear Dog Handler Behind Me Hoodie

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Introducing the "Dear Dog Handler Behind Me" Hoodie – Where Style Meets a Message of Mental Health Awareness in the dog community!

The front design features a minimalist yet striking graphic that says, "There is more to you than just your sport," drawing intrigue from onlookers. But the real message unfolds on the back of the hoodie.

Our hoodie isn't just about fashion; it's about sparking conversations and promoting mental well-being within the dog community. Wear it proudly at your trials and dog events to let those behind you know that their mental health is valued and worth discussing openly.

Join us in raising awareness and breaking the stigma around mental health with the "Dear Dog Handler Behind Me" Hoodie. Make a statement, ignite conversations, and remind everyone that mental health is as important as any other aspect of our well-being.

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